You’ve got the challenge. We build the solution: Custom-made industrial ovens for any temperature curve up to 700°C.


We make it possible.

From technical components with enormous dimensions to small and light-weight overpacks, industrial ovens from DBK in Kandel precisely temper thousands of products made of different materials and material bonds – worldwide, and everyday.
For more than 65 years, we have been committed to designing and building top of the line industrial ovens that perfectly suit our customers’ needs. We are eager to accept new challenging projects across industries, and to contribute to the development of meaningful product innovations by providing our customers with powerful ovens that last for a lifetime. Our engineers and craftsmen embody this philosophy into their daily work while being driven by enthusiasm, creativity and pioneering spirit. For those reasons, we are proud to have earned the trust of both, global players and medium-sized companies.
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Step by step to your industrial oven


Step 1

We will ask several key questions to help specify your requirements.


Step 2

Right from the start, we will support your technicians with thorough advice.


Step 3

Next, we will develop an offer and precisely discuss the details.


Step 4

Our engineers will present you with an initial CAD design.


Step 5

Together, we will further improve the design.


Step 6

Once your ideal solution is found, we will start building your very own industrial oven.

Any questions yet? We’re here to offer qualified support!

Four reasons why global players trust in us.

Individual solutions, “Made in Germany”

We manufacture high-quality and durable industrial ovens up to 700°C that meet your specific production needs. This means: Perfect integration into your production process, taking into account all interfaces, production efficiency, and economy of scale.

Proven quality, in every detail

Easy operation with minimal staff deployment, high operation safety through intelligent process automation, and sustainable use of energy are among the most important features of industrial ovens made by DBK Industrial Oven Systems.

Excellent service, right from the start

From the first day- all the way to delivering your turnkey oven system- we are in close exchange with our customers. We do not only support you throughout the design process, but also offer hands-on training for your staff as well as reliable after-sales support.

Highly motivated employees, with years of experience

The most valuable assets of DBK Industrial Oven Systems are the smart minds that we proudly call our team. This is where the best ideas come from. Our experienced engineers and craftsmen work hand in hand to reach one ambitious goal: maximum customer satisfaction.


Our industrial ovens

Continuous & paternoster ovens


Continuous and paternoster ovens are characterized by their transportation system which conveys batches through the oven. The objects can be transported horizontally or vertically, in a prone, standing or hanging position, while being exposed to a specifically defined temperature profile. Continuous and paternoster ovens come with cyclic or continuous conveying systems and can be integrated in any existing production line.

Chamber ovens


Chamber and top-loading ovens feature horizontal or vertical air circulation which results in a consistent temperature level that can precisely be adjusted for different applications. Our convection ovens are designed to consistently deliver highest quality for all treated products.


Drawer-loading ovens


Drawer-loading and multi-chamber ovens are multitasking space-savers equipped with intelligent air circulation technology. Thanks to their multiple drawers, parts that differ in size and material can be tempered simultaneously up to a temperature of 600°C.


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