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Continuous oven with connected cooling line

A continuous oven including a cooling line needed to be designed and constructed for a large German motor and transmission manufacturer. Planning and implementation: 3 months.

The continuous oven is used for hardening adhered rotor shafts on running carriers. After hardening in the heating line, the rotor shafts are cooled down on a cooling line. The controls for the automatic process are implemented completely with SEW hard and software. They consist of a PLC, a 7” TFT touch control device, and an inverter.

Process description: The operator manually slides the carrier from a carriage onto a two-track ball bearing track and up to the end stop. Next, the operator leaves the loading zone and acknowledges successful loading using a push-button. The ball bearing track is then lowered pneumatically so that the palette lies to the left and right on the oven transport chain.

The system is then ready to transport the carrier. The heating line at the front and the cooling line at the rear are respectively closed by a pneumatically activated lifting door. The lines are also separated by a lifting door (duplex) pressed on both sides.