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PE foam materials are primarily used for thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as for decoupling and sealing against draught, moisture, and dust.

Heating of those materials requires a high level of flexibility regarding temperature, loading and removal.
Our solution: By making use of two oven chambers that are separated in terms of air flow and temperature regulation, a variety of temperature curves and loadings of different materials can be realized. At a maximum temperature of 250°C, the temperature difference between the chambers is 50°C max. Both chambers are equipped with lifting doors that divide horizontally - with one half opening upwards and the other half opening downwards. The lifting doors are controlled via a floor mat that responds to weight: simply step on the floor mat to open doors; doors will remain open as long as the operator is standing on the mat.

Key features:
Opening and closing times are pre-set to 2-3 seconds for quick chamber loading
Lifting doors are equipped with light grids to safeguard operating area during door closing.