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Right direction thanks to circulating chains

How can a large quantity of “KU-rings” be tempered continuously, without being damaged and whilst ensuring accurate removal?

Our solution: A meander-shaped circulating chain is used to convey rings throughout the electrically heated convection oven. Loading of the chain, packaging of the rings and removal after the tempering process are carried out by a robot.

Process description. The robot starts with placing a set of plastic rings into the oven.

A robot feeds the oven a set of plastic rings. In this case, the complete packaging is moved to a feed opening and passed on to the circulating chain. At the same time, the tempered rings are removed at the output opening on the opposite side. The cycle time and the loading and unloading process are matched precisely in terms of time. After expiry of a freely selectable time, the gear motor cycles the circulating chain one respective step further. In this way, the plastic rings to be tempered pass through a section that is longer than 20 metres in the heated interior of the oven. With each cycle, an empty loading position is moved to the feed opening. The upstream controls assume complete communication between all control organs of the tempering process and the complete drive technology.  In this case, the special challenge is
reproducibility of exact positioning while loading and unloading the rings by a robot.