Do you have questions about our industrial oven solutions? Our engineers are here to help! Thorough, comprehensive, and personal.

Repairs, maintenance, training, oven rental: Always at your service!

Can my staff be trained on how to operate my industrial oven?
Absolutely! We offer in-depth and hands-on staff training on how to properly operate your oven prior to initial commissioning. If needed, we will support even after start of production until every movement is on point.

How do I maintain my DBK industrial oven?
We offer individual maintenance service (e.g. annual intervals) based on contracts to ensure smooth operation and production reliability. Burner maintenance, light grid checks, and the creation of recorded pictures for temperature consistency checks are some of our additional services that help keep track of your oven’s functionality.

Who will perform repairs and maintenance work?
When it comes to service for your industrial oven, you can rely on our experienced and skilled mechanics. Since they assembled your oven, they will know the product down to its last nuts and bolts.

Can I rent a DBK industrial oven?
Yes. We rent out chamber ovens with a load volume up to 2.2m³ and a maximum temperature of 450°C.

What happens in case of malfunction?
When purchasing a DBK industrial oven, you can be sure to acquire a quality product that will last for a lifetime. However, should you still need spare parts, you can place an order at short notice and we will have them installed asap. Our service vehicles have everything on-board for on-site repairs.

Special offer: test a furnace!
Take advantage of our special offer and test one of our industrial ovens that matches your production (subject to availability). In case of purchase, the test fee will be credited towards your final offer.

A selection of our services
  • Regular maintenance
  • Oven inspection (control of seals and movable parts) – our service vehicles carry most spare parts
  • Overall power consumption check & current consumption check of all motors and heaters
  • Control cabinet check: DGUV 3 test report
  • Temperature check (empty oven)
  • Generation of a temperature diagram up to equilibrium using calibrated temperature recorders
  • Noxmar burner maintenance by qualified personnel
  • Light grid examination using a stop time measuring instrument
  • Spare part stocking & express delivery available on request
  • Solution-oriented service for older systems (update to new air circulation motors)
  • Remote maintenance for PLC-controlled systems (upgrade possible)
  • Inspection of systems from other manufacturers
  • Staff training on operation & maintenance
  • Relocation of equipment
  • System upgrades

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